Bahria Town Karachi Flower Clock Customize Clocks
for Tower, Walls & Floral
We Design, Build &
Manufacture Clocks
Manufacture Tower &
Flower Clock ranging form
3 feet to 50 feet in diameter!



Time never comes to a standstill- that is its nature and time has been become valuable. Time has always been “made” and interpreted by mankind. When people started observe “time” the focused on sunrise and sunset only. In high middle age they started to develop ever more sophisticated methods of measuring time.

In today’s world we feel the urge save time. We are obsessed by the time need to win time. Our desire for the peace of our personal time can be satisfied by the elegance of exclusive clocks.

Its gives me a great pleasure in official cricket clock. I have served my time in the official cricket clock. That time I have started my experience. It was a wonderful experience in learning to take the quality of official cricket clock.

Our Company Manufacture Wall Clocks, Indoor Clocks, Outdoor Clocks, Analogue Clocks, Digital Clocks, Electric Clocks, Radio Clocks, Clock Movements, Clockworks and Cock Vane.

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